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Atlas Platform

Atlas API authentication


This document provides instructions on how to obtain authorization to use the Atlas API. Once authorized, you can send requests directly or via the Endpoints documentation section. This setup is designed to simplify testing of the Atlas API.


To enable this functionality, you first need to generate authentication credentials. You can do this by navigating to the WP Engine User Portal. From the left-hand menu, select Users, then the API Access tab, and finally Generate Credentials. The following screenshots will guide you through the process.

Getting to API credentials in portal

Next, click the Generate credentials button.

Credentials modal screenshot from portal

Note: Once you close the dialog window, you will not be able to access the password again, so be sure to copy it and keep it in a secure location.

Using Atlas API

With authenticatin credentials generated, you can start sending requests to the Atlas API. Below is an example of such a request:

curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u "PUT_API_USERNAME_HERE:PUT_API_PASSWORD_HERE"{PUT_ACCOUNT_NAME_HERE}/apps

Alternatively, if you wish to quickly test specific endpoints, you can do so through our documentation. Navigate to the API > Endpoints Documentation tab and click the Authorize button. A modal will appear where you should enter the credentials you generated.

After successful authorization, locate the query you are interested in, click the Try it now button, input the necessary parameters, and click Execute.