Deploy From A Blueprint

Now that you have chosen a blueprint, you can clone it in GitHub and deploy it to Atlas. Pushing to your main branch in GitHub will then deploy updates to Atlas automatically.

Atlas blueprints use the Faust.js framework based on Next.js. Atlas also supports other frameworks that run on Node.js.

Connect your GitHub account so you can clone Atlas blueprints.

  1. Under Connect to GitHub, select Connect.

  2. GitHub opens in another tab of your web browser. Give WP Engine permission to access your repositories.

After Atlas connects to your GitHub account, the Connect button indicates that you are Connected.

Connected to GitHub

Now that GitHub is connected, it's time to create a repository by cloning a blueprint.

  1. Select Clone Blueprint. This option opens another tab in GitHub.

  2. On the Create a new repository page, set your new git repository settings.

  • Under Owner, select the username you associated with your repository.
  • For Repository name, enter a name in a format similar to repository-name. Avoid capitalization or spaces to make it easy to navigate your repository in the future.
  • (Optional) Enter a description for your repository.
  • Choose whether to make your repository Public or Private.
  • Leave Include all branches unchecked.
  1. With your new repository named, select Create repository from template.

Create a new repo

  1. Navigate back to the WP Engine User Portal by closing the GitHub tab.

  2. Select your new repository from the repository list when it refreshes.

Select your repo

  1. Select a region for your Atlas app. The region you select will be used for all of your app's environments (production/staging/etc.) and cannot be changed once your Atlas application has been deployed.

Select your app's region

  1. Click Create App.

That's it! Track the initial build progress on the next screen that loads automatically.

A link to visit your live frontend using a temporary domain will appear under Atlas URL when the deploy completes.

Links to the frontend site and WordPress portal page

To log in to the WordPress site linked to your Atlas app:

  1. Click the link below the Linked WordPress environment title on your Atlas App environment page.

  2. Click the WP Admin link at the top of the WordPress environment page.

Select your repo

To make changes to the look and functionality of your app, see our Local App Development guide.