Manage an Existing Atlas Application

Now that you have an app deployed to the platform, any changes you make to your branch will be automatically deployed. To try this out, let's make a change to the site.

Open wp-templates/front-page.tsx and change the <Hero> title to something different.

Save the file and then run:

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "updated site hero title"
$ git push

After a few minutes, your site will be updated! Just refresh the browser to see your changes.

You can view the status of the build in the User Portal or via the CLI.

The URL for your deployment can be found with the apps get command:

$ wpe apps get APP_NAME

By running this command, you can also see current status of your build.

Remember, you can get your APP_NAME by listing your apps:

$ wpe apps list

If you want to see standard output / error logs for you app, type:

$ wpe logs get -a APP_NAME -e ENV_ID

You can get the environment ID by running wpe apps get APP_NAME in the CLI.

If you want to delete your environment, run:

$ wpe envs delete ENV_ID -a APP_NAME

When you re-run your URL, site should no longer be visible (changes might take few seconds to apply).