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Atlas Platform

wpe builds list


Get high-level details of all builds for a specified app’s environment.


$ wpe builds list [OPTIONS]

Extended Description

The wpe builds list command will print information about builds for a specific app’s environment. In order to use this command you will need the app name and environment ID.


--app, -a         The name of the app
--environment, -e The ID of the app's environment
--help, -h        Help for list


When listing builds for an app environment you will need to know the app name. Use the wpe apps list command to find the app name:

$ wpe apps list

Let’s assume you have an app named myapp, now you need to determine the ID of the environment for which you want to list builds. Do this using the wpe apps get command:

$ wpe apps get myapp

Let’s assume your environment ID is bmna3gedlzerwcb4vc04gssl. Copy the ID of the environment you want and then run the following command to list the builds:

$ wpe builds list -a myapp -e bmna3gedlzerwcb4vc04gssl

Running the above command will print something that looks similar to the following:

ID                              APP_NAME        ENVIRONMENT                     REPOSITORY              BRANCH  TIMESTAMP               COMMIT_SHA
sqdt3na72uwu4sea7xwro5o8        myapp           bmna3gedlzerwcb4vc04gssl        organization/myapp      main    2021-01-01T00:00:46Z    71234c6

As you can see above you are provided with high-level information about the builds for the specified app’s environment. This includes the repository, branch, commit sha, and timestamp of when the environment was last built.