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wpe builds get


Get details of a specific build for an app’s environment.


$ wpe builds get $BUILD_ID [OPTIONS]

Extended Description

The wpe builds get command will print information about a specific build for an app’s environment. In order to use this command you will need the build ID. Refer to the wpe builds list command for how to get build ID of a specific app’s environment.


--help, -h    Help for get


Let’s assume your build ID is sqeq3na34owo8see7xwro5o8. Run the following command to see information about the build:

$ wpe builds get sqeq3na34owo8see7xwro5o8

Running the above command will print something that looks similar to the following:

ID: sqeq3na34owo8see7xwro5o8
APP_NAME:       myapp
ENVIRONMENT:    bmna3gedlzerwcb4vc04gssl
REPOSITORY:     organization/myapp
BRANCH:         main
TIMESTAMP:      2021-01-01T00:00:46Z
COMMIT_SHA:     71234c6
ERROR: ...
 ----------generate dockerfile start----------
If project's Node version is not supported, Node will be upgraded to the project's closest supported version.
Using Node version: 14

----------generate dockerfile end------------
----------Summary - Container Build start----------
Start:2021-01-01 00:00:12.720617455 +0000 UTC
End:2021-01-01 00:00:46.866221598 +0000 UTC
Duration:34.146 seconds
----------Summary - Container Build end------------

The information about the build will include error output from the console if it exists.