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Atlas Platform


This section contains reference information on using WP Engine’s command line client. Each command has a reference page along with samples.

NOTE: With version 0.1.4 released March 18, 2021, Atlas CLI no longer requires the alpha syntax (such as wpe alpha apps). If you are still using a previous version of Atlas CLI, run npm i @wpengine/headless-cli -g to use commands without alpha.

WPE Top-level Commands

  • wpe apps: Manage your headless applications
  • wpe auth: Authenticate with the WP Engine Headless CLI
  • wpe builds: Get build results for your headless applications
  • wpe context: Set the account or current app context
  • wpe envs: Manage your headless application environments
  • wpe logs: View logs for your headless applications
  • wpe completion: Load shell completion scripts