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Atlas Platform

Build Notifications

There’s a number of ways you can get notified about finished Atlas builds

E-mail notifications based on Git Provider PR comments

Atlas posts comments on respective repository’s Pull Request page once a build is complete. These comments contain information about the status of the build as well as a link to the build logs and to the Atlas environment. Below is the GitHub equivalent:

GitHub comment posted by Atlas

If you wish to receive an e-mail update once this happens, make sure you configure your respective supported repository hosting service provider (GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket) settings for this notification accordingly. Here is the GitHub equivalent:

GitHub settings panel

Notifications in the User Portal

Once your build is finished, you’ll be notified about this event in the Atlas User Portal. To browse notifications, click on the bell icon on top of the page:

Atlas notifications in Portal

Clicking on View build... button is going to take you to the build logs page.

Slack notifications

To configure rules for Slack notifications about Atlas builds, go to the Notification Settings screen by clicking on the cogwheel icon in the Notifications menu:

Notification settings

Under Slack menu, click on the Add to Slack button to configure your Slack integration:

Add Slack workspace

Check the details of the connection and click Allow to confirm integration with your workspace:

Confirm connection between WP Engine app and your workspace

Upon successful connection, you should see a message on the bottom right of the screen:

Connection successful

Under the Slack menu, you’ll now see the Create policy button:

Create Slack notification policy

Once clicked, select the workspace that your policy will apply to:

Select workspace

Then, select a public channel where your notifications should be sent:

Select channel

After that, select which messages you want to receive by clicking on each of the types of messages you’re interested in:

Select channel

Scroll down and click the Create policy button to finish the setup:

Select channel

If you wish to add more integrations with other Slack workspaces, you can do so by going to Integrations tab and configuring additional connections by clicking the Add to Slack button.

Select channel

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