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Atlas Platform

Atlas Platform Documentation

Welcome! This site contains reference documentation for the Atlas Platform, WP Engine’s hosting solution for headless WordPress applications.

Scalable Platform

The Atlas hosting platform consists of three main layers all tuned to work together to provide the best hosting experience for headless WordPress sites:

  • A global edge CDN
  • Auto-scaling Node.js containers running your framework code
  • A WordPress install using GraphQL/REST APIs

Atlas architecture diagram

Developer-focused Features

The Atlas platform provides the following features that enable developers to deliver great user experiences quickly:

  • Git-push to deploy from GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab
  • Create preview environments from pull requests
  • Rebuild your application using webhooks or rollback to a previous version with one click

Integrated Tools

Since WP Engine hosts both parts of your infrastructure, Atlas is able to optimize across the stack to provide developers with a more stable foundation for headless projects, all backed by WP Engine’s award-winning support and team of headless WordPress experts.

Here are just a few example of how Atlas does that:

  • Automatically scopes your build process to your WordPress site’s capacity, which means a lower chance of DDoS’ing your WordPress site during builds
  • Supports WPGraphQL Smart Cache network cache out-of-the-box using Faust.js, the Next.js based project designed specifically for headless WordPress
  • Deploy full-stack example blueprints with one click to get you started with both basic sites and deeper integrations with eCommerce providers like BigCommerce and Shopify