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Atlas Platform

Deploy from a Blueprint

Press Start with Blueprint and Continue.

Options to create a new Atlas app including “Start with Blueprint” or “Pull from repo”

Then, select the Blueprint you would like to use and press Continue.

A list of prebuilt Blueprint options to choose from

Connect to a Supported Repository Provider

Atlas supports three repository hosting service providers - GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab. Connect to your chosen repository provider so you can clone Atlas Blueprints.

  1. Under Connect to a Git repository, select one of the Connect button for your chosen provider.

  2. The Atlas connect page opens in another tab of your web browser. Give WP Engine permission to access your chosen provider’s repositories in order to proceed.

After Atlas connects to your provider’s account, the connect page tab will close and the Connect button will now indicate that you are Connected.

Connected to Git Provider(s)

Create a Repository

Now that your chosen repository provider is connected, it’s time to create a repository where your Blueprint code is going to be stored.

Select your repository provider’s account (or ‘namespace’, if BitBucket)

Use the dropdown list or start typing to filter available repository account/ namespace.

Select your Git Provider account/ namespace

If you have selected GitHub as your GitProvider but don’t see the account for which you’d like to create a repository under on the list, click on “Manage GitHub accounts” or “Add GitHub account” (if no GitHub account(s) connected yet) button presented:

Connected to GitHub

Name your repository

Depending on which Blueprint you chose, Atlas will suggest a repository name for you. The name of your repository should be unique within your chosen repository provider account/namespace. If it’s not, you’ll see an error after clicking the “Create” button on the bottom of the page.

Select the visibility of your repository

If you want to limit your repository’s visibility to only people that can access your chosen repository provider account/namespace, make sure to select the “Private repository” checkbox.

Select a region for your Atlas app

The region you select will be used for all of your app’s environments (production/staging/etc.) and cannot be changed once your Atlas application has been deployed.

Select your app's region

Click Create App

That’s it! Track the initial build progress on the next screen that loads automatically.

A link to visit your live frontend using a temporary domain will appear under Atlas URL when the deploy completes.

Links to the frontend site and WordPress portal page

To log in to the WordPress site linked to your Atlas app:

  1. Click the link below the Linked WordPress environment title on your Atlas App environment page.

  2. Click the WP Admin link at the top of the WordPress environment page.

Select your repo

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