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Remix Framework Guide


Remix is a React-based framework that provides both server and client runtimes and utilizes web standard approaches and browser APIs to facilitate framework interactions. Remix embraces the client/server model and supports a zero-JS experience.

Deploy Steps

To get started, you can run the following command to create a new Remix project:

npx create-remix@latest

When prompted, select Remix App Server in the console.

Or, if you want to start with a template designed specifically for headless WordPress, you can clone this starter template:

git clone

After you have created your application, cd into your project directory:

cd <your project directory>

Push Initial Commits to Your Repository

To deploy your project to Atlas, it will need to be available on a remote GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab repository.

Create a new remote repository, and then run the following commands to initalize and configure your local and remote repositories:

# Add remote repository
$ git remote add origin https://<your-git-provider>.com/<username>/<repo>

# Stage all changed files
$ git add -A

# Commit the files to the current branch
$ git commit -m "initial commit"

# Push changes to remote repository
$ git push -u origin main

Build Details

Using the Remix App Server selection, there are no additional changes needed to build or deploy a Remix app on Atlas.

Deploy Your Repository

Once your project is in your remote repository, you can follow the directions in our getting started guide to deploy your project to Atlas.

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