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Atlas Platform

Request headers

Atlas is automatically appending additional request headers to every request made to your site. These headers are designed to provide valuable geographical and temporal information about the request origin, enabling you to tailor content and functionality based on the user’s location and local time.

List of request headers

We are adding the following headers to each request to help you better understand and serve your users:

Request headerDescriptionExample value
wpe-headless-countryProvides the ISO alpha-2 country code of the country from which the request originates.US
wpe-headless-regionSpecifies the region within the country from where the request is made.Texas
wpe-headless-timezoneProvides the timezone of the request origin in TZ Database format.America/Chicago


These headers can significantly enhance user experience through localization and personalization of content. Here are a few ways you might use this information:

  1. Content Localization: Display content that is relevant to the user’s geographic location, such as news, weather updates, or local promotions.
  2. Time-sensitive Features: Adjust features and functions according to the user’s local time. For instance, you could customize greetings on your site (Good morning/afternoon/evening) or prevent certain actions during night-time in the user’s locale.
  3. Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into your user base distribution across different regions and timezones, which can help in marketing and support planning.